Sunday, June 14, 2009

PULSE tradeshow 2009

So after much anticipation and preparation, we finally took part in our first big trade show. Pulse is primarily for gifts and design led products and was a good one to choose because it specializes in new product launches. We were pretty nervous at first, but we got a great reaction to our products and the look of our stand which made us feel pretty good. We had several orders for small boutiques around the UK and met some really interesting people. Overall it was a really great experience for us, and has really helped to give The Grateful Thread that extra push into the public eye. For a list of retail shops now selling our goods, please visit our website.


MiauMau said...

looking good! By the way, I saw your guitar softies on sale in Kingly court :)

the-gratefulthread said...

thanks! hope you are doing good!