Friday, August 28, 2009

Mae Lilian Worth - Welcome to the world!

Our gorgeous baby girl was born Sunday August 23rd at 10:58 pm.

We are all doing well and at home getting to know each other. I am so in love with her, and excited about this new phase in our lives!

Evie Munchin'

Just thought this was a cute photo.

Evie doesn't quite get it yet, but she will no doubt soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PlushYou! Interview on Bluebottles Art Craft and Design Blog

Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle have kindly posted an interview with The Grateful Thread on their blog in part of promotion for the PlushYou! exhibition in October. Please take a wander over to check it out, as well as all the other interviews, and interesting tidbits from the creative minds over at Bluebottle.


Many thanks to Hemmingway Design and other sponsors of KiosKiosk, a project designed to help up and coming new businesses by providing them a place to vend their goods for free. We spent 2 days at the Kiosk to vend our wares. Its located on the boardwalk of the Thames just near the mayor's office. We had lovely weather and were happy to promote our brand and products. We made a few sales and overall had a good experience. The Kiosk itself is remarkably well designed and adaptable. For more information regarding the Kiosk go to

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Motown Martians

This is my contribution to the "Plush You" exhibition this year. Its not perfect, but turned out alright considering I have been 8 plus months pregnant nad been working full time until last week! Anyways, its a fun piece! Hope you like it :)