Monday, April 27, 2009

More Spectacular Photos!

Some more wonderful style/action photos from my brother-in-law Akim. Aren't these fab? These little rock stars have been caught in some sweet rock n' roll poses. Watch out, I think a new Elvis is in the making! And how about that pooch? Please check out Akim's other fantastic photos and his short filmwork at

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Photos!

My brother in law is a fantastic photographer. Check out this great style shot! He took a bunch of photos for us to use in our new upcoming catalogue. I can't thank him, or the bunch of crazy kid posers enough :)!
It was a very exciting weekend indeed! We went to Siaulai, Lithuania over the weekend to meet with Gintas and the fine folks they have over at our manufacturing plant. We wanted the chance to visit the factory first hand so we could get an idea what its like, how the working environment is, and learn some of the in and outs of the toy making pipeline before placing an order. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, and the quality of the toys was excellent. We had a terrific experience overall and Gintas kindly showed us around not only the manufacturing plant, but also the entire lovely city of Siaulai!

Here are some photos to give an idea of what it was like:

After our initial meeting in the offices, we were taken on a tour. This a photo of Nicolas and Gintas next to the amazing embroidery machines. Check out all the different colours of thread. These machines can do any embroidery task.

Next we have the main working area where the toys are sewn together with high quality industrial sewing machines.

Here we have the cutting room where patterns are cut out using an electric blade. The worker wears a sort of chainmail glove for protection and feeds the material through the cutter.

Finally there is a photo of the fabric storage area where rolls upon rolls of fur, felt, linen and and cotton made up a ceiling high array of colors and textures.

There were many more cool things to see as well such as the storeroom filled with fun toys and a child's dream come true, the detail area where workers did little extras to ensure each piece was top quality, and the giant machine that took fabric scraps and whipped it into a fiber filling like cotton candy. It was truely a fantastic adventure for us and great to see everything behind the scenes. We are looking forward to getting our first batch of softies created here!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PLUSH YOU exhibition!

The Grateful Thread is very happy to announce that we have been selected to exhibit at the Plush You! exhibition that will take place in Seattle later this year. I'm really excited about this. We will be submitting 3 new handmade softies of our own designs. All sorts of ideas racing through my head for projects, and I've already brought out the sketchbook to jot them down. I think I'm going to try something really different this time and explore with some new methods and materials. Now that we've bought a brand new embroidery sewing machine I feel a boost in confidence too!
Luckily I have a few months to get them designed and created. Congratulations to all the other wonderful fellow softie makers that will also be exhibiting. We are looking forward to seeing all the amazing and inspiring pieces! For updates on the show and cool softie related news follow the Plush You! blog at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On The Stage and Ready to Rock!

Here's a little preview of the stage we have designed for our exhibition stand at the Pulse tradeshow. The picture here is slightly misleading as it will be approximately a full 2 meters in length! We will be showcasing our "The Monsters of Rock" softie series to thousands of prospective buyers for the first time. Yikes, we sure hope they are well received! I think they look monstrously cool myself, but I am a little biased :)!

I'm the New Bambino Goodies Contributor!

So, I've started to do some part time contribution to the The Bambino Goodies web blog ( It's a great resource for finding some really unique things geared in particular for families with or/and expecting little ones. So far it's been pretty fun poking around the internet and finding things that really catch my interest, getting recommendations from friends on products they like, and generally helping to promote like minded small businesses.

New Clocks Hands in Stainless Steel

We have received our new clock hands from the laser cutter. I definately think they are a step up from the plastic ones. We also got them enlarged for the larger clocks. I've been doing lots of clock making in preparation for the PULSE tradeshow which is rapidly approaching and takes place the first weekend of June at Earl's Court in London. Check out more about the show here: