Sunday, February 10, 2008


So here they are . . . ready to rock your world. There's a new gal pal coming to town soon too to strut her stuff.

Elvis Beastly

Make it funky now!

Big Tone

"Uh . . . hey guys I think I forgot my drumsticks somewhere . . . . guys?"

Don't worry Big Tone, we'll find them for you!

Johnny Fandango

He's such a rock star!


Here is the first protype for Mr.Funkenstein. Some small details to iron out like the synth. Also, we've decided to increase his size and switch the main body to fleece instead of felt. Another one is on the way!

Vinyl Record Inspired Couch Cushions

Super cozy felted cushions.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Funky Guitar Brooches

So, we have started making a few brooches. They are made of layered felt with beadwork and custom embroidery for the details. Also, so they don't go all floppy, we've inserted a small section of wire in the neck. So far we've only done flying V brooches, but other guitar types are on the way! Both of us have been sporting them around on our jackets to spruce up our attire. It's all about the accessories people :)!

Custom Clock Hands

They've finally arrived! Very exciting. The shape is finalized, and we've put in an order for a bunch of custom clock hands. We will be painting some of them depending on the look of the record.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cuddle Monsters

Nico and Big Tone hanging out.


Okay, so this is a bit of a teaser but . . . . Meet the monsters: Johnny Fandango, Mr.Funkenstein, Elvis Beastly and Big Tone are happy to make your acquaintance! These are some of our designs for soft toys we are working on at the moment. The prototypes are nearly done. We have decided to go with soft fleece so they are super cozy and cuddleable. More on this to come soon. And don't worry we are adding a girl monster soon too!

Guitar Softies

We have been busy busy busy! I am posting the 3 different varieties of our guitar softies. Gibson, Les Paul and the Flying V have been our inspiration for these. They are great fun to make, as there are so many cool little options for knobs and details.