Thursday, February 19, 2009

From sad to rad!

I found this nice but somewhat sad little commode at a thrift store awhile back and finally got around to giving it a little makeover. I covered it with this fab wallpaper I found on ebay and am really happy with the results. I would highly recommend doing this project. Its easy with quick and fabulous results. Shamon!


Christian - France said...

Fantastic! Well done!
Can you share sme stories about how the monsters and the guitar softies came to life?

Jami said...


It all started with a gift for a friends baby and some fun brainstorming. My husband Nicolas and I are both from design backgrounds, love silly things, music and rock n' roll, and enjoy making stuff. The Grateful Thread was just inevitable I guess! Some encouragement and interest kept us going, and what started as a hobby has now become the next step as we venture out and try to share our ideas. Thanks so much for your interest and support!